Village of LaGrange


The people of La Grange are proud of our community, ad with good reason. As we seek opportunities to grow our economy and enhance the quality of life for residents, we must do so in a manner that preserves the beautiful character of the community we all love.  We must also actively manage our community’s image. The more consistent we can be in describing what’s great La Grange, the more successful we will be in recruiting new jobs and businesses and maintaining our strong neighborhoods.

Community branding is about creating a unified story we can all share that positively affects our reputation. It allows us to market the Village of La Grange outwardly so we are leveraging what makes us unique and attractive. Unlike traditional and familiar consumer product brands, a community brand is not limited to one organization. We all share it. We all are responsible for delivering the many experiences that can be found throughout our community, from our downtown and parks to our restaurants and businesses. Everyone is part of the La Grange brand.



This is more than a logo and catchy tagline. This branding project offers a new and sturdy platform that encourages respectful working relationships to deliver the brand promise consistently, and supports the community’s effort to establish and sustain La Grange’s reputation. It will provide marketing direction for many community organizations within La Grange. It will identify new opportunities for programs that can unite and grow local businesses. It will give everyone something to rally behind.


Discovering the Village of La Grange Story

The branding project is using qualitative and quantitative research from inside and outside of La Grange. The research is focused on learning about the Village of La Grange mostly from the people that know it best – residents, businesses, leaders and our neighbors.



Telling the Village of La Grange Story

Community storytelling involves a lot of different tools. Sometimes it is advertising, but other times it may be a public art project. The Village of La Grange story is deep and rich and can be told in many ways. This project will help create ways for everyone to be storytellers in their own way.